Amid the summer months,customers are finding that their HVAC system is acting lazy or not functioning as productively as it has previously. Because of the brutal summer conditions all through the nation,more customers are attempting to keep their HVAC’s working at ideal levels with the goal of offering cool,fresh indoor air quality. Tragically,grimy HVAC coils have an enormous impact on the issues as to whether your HVAC can meet higher requests amid fluctuating climate changes. That is the main reason consumers have discovered how to win the race against HVAC coil buildup with First Strike protection!

Use First Strike and Keep HVAC Coils Clean Year Round!

First Strike is not at all like other customary HVAC coil cleaners and coatings. It gives year-round security as it creates a self-cleaning environment for your HVAC coils. Unless you like cleaning HVAC coils consistently,you may need to consider utilizing First Strike Micro Coat,so you can enjoy some time off doing the things you appreciate.  

One Application Gives a Capable Barrier against Dirt and Grime

With only one simple application of First Strike Micro Coat,HVAC users have found that First Strike gives the sort of insurance required against dirt,grime,and other natural issues that loan to clogged HVAC coils. In the event that such components are not kept under control,they cause a rise in energy bills,as well as buildup on the HVAC coils. This can bring about poor indoor air quality along with the risks of downtime and repairs.

Apply First Strike for Quick Results!

Some HVAC coil cleaners and defenders take hours to apply. With First Strike,you essentially put it in a spray bottle and apply the cleanser straightforwardly to the HVAC coils. In the event that your HVAC coils are dirty,you will need to clean them first before applying the protective First Strike Micro Coat. When cleaned,apply First Strike directly to HVAC coils and watch the “coil genie” go to work year-round shielding your HVAC coils from dust and dirt buildup!

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