Clean Bond – Powerhouse Cleaner & Flash Rust Inhibitor

Clean Bond is a powerhouse cleaner that packs a one-two-three punch when it comes to cleaning and pre-treating your drip pans. It’s a cleaner and degreaser, a strong flash rust inhibitor, a powerful adhesive and additional bonding agent if you’re installing our products Pancrete and V570.

Powerful Adhesion

Clean Bond is a cleaner and adhesion promoter for the Pancrete Family of Products. Pancrete was specifically developed in the CRT laboratories to protect and restore metals that corrode in the harsh environment inside and HVAC system.

Surface preparation of metals is vital for proper bonding of any product in the Pancrete Family of Products. Many older HVAC condensate drain pans have rusted surfaces and flaky deposits. Surfaces may also contain oil deposits and other debris. There may be areas where in spite of the applicators best efforts, he is not secure in knowing the surfaces are adequately prepared for good bonding. Areas under the coil may be such areas of concern.

In these cases, Clean Bond provides a double punch when it comes to cleaning and increasing adhesion.

Powerful Cleaning

Don’t mistake Clean Bond as just another cleaner, it is not. As a molecular degreaser, it picks up any residual oils, and smaller particles and allows them to attach to Clean Bond. Clean Bond is then rinsed down the drain.

Clean Bond helps to ensure that oil deposits its and residues from cleaning are efficiently removed from cleaned surfaces. It allows grit, grime, and oils to be removed more easily using less work, less scrubbing.

Clean Bond should be a standard part of your pan preparation when using Pancrete to help ensure you are getting the utmost from your refurbishment.

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