KM Facility Services, LLC, dba HVAC Maintenance Products is a family-owned service business that provides professional cleaning and maintenance services to commercial customers in the greater Phoenix, AZ area. Additionally, we are a certified distributor of Controlled Release Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of innovative, proactive HVAC maintenance products, industrial coatings and a top-of-the-line floor coating for the HVAC service industry.

The company specializes in returning internal, external and infrastructure components, such as HVAC and environmental systems, to their original condition to meet the manufacturer’s specifications for performance. This service helps ensure that customers’ facilities operate safely, efficiently and cost-effectively, with minimal energy use.

KM Facility Services’ slogan, “Stay green, save energy,” highlights the focus of their business. Commercial customers include healthcare facilities, manufacturing and industrial properties, high-rise office buildings and other large edifices. KM Facility Services holds cleaning and maintenance contracts with a number of government entities within the Phoenix area.


The company was incorporated in Phoenix, AZ in August 2001 by Kevin Uilkie, who continues to operate the business. Uilkie is a seasoned HVAC specialist, with additional expertise in confined space operations, high-structure work, kitchen exhaust cleaning and landscape maintenance.

KM Facility Services got off to a rocky start, as the events of 9/11/2001 effectively brought the young company’s primary HVAC client, an aerospace industry giant, to a standstill. Uilkie weathered the storm by focusing on his other competencies until the market re-stabilized and thereafter continued to offer services in those areas as well.

Since forming KM Facility Services, Kevin has brought a number of experienced employees on board. The company now maintains a fleet of three well-equipped trucks and daily deploys several work crews for on-site service.

Current Operations

KM Facility Services provides on-site cleaning and maintenance services and also operates an online store on its website to sell top-brand HVAC, evaporative cooler maintenance, and resurfacing products that Uilkie’s company uses and recommends in its daily activities. Significant brands available in the KM Facility Services Online Store include Pancrete, Cooler Guard, Pan Guard, Algae Guard and other products from CRT, Inc. These products are available on our Products Page