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HVAC Condensate Drain Pan Treatment & Cleaner

Our Controlled Release Micro-Biocide eliminates unexpected overflows. Algae Guard easily fits into air conditioner or refrigeration drain pans, and other drain openings controlling the growth of bacteria in these areas.

Cleans HVAC Condensate Pans For You

Contains high performance cleaning agents to help stop dirt and slime from settling on surfaces.

EPA Registered #59682-1.

32% active ingredients. Effective against algae, mildew, slime, fungus, and bacteria in condensate collection pans and air conditioning units. Controlled release micro-biocide efficiently acts on odors. For use in medical facilities, nursing homes, government, commercial buildings, residential air conditioning units, cruise ships, airports, hotels, resorts, schools and industrial areas.

Prevents Water Overflow in Condensate Drain Pans.

Overflows due to drain pan surface slime build-up and resulting plugged drains are reduced or eliminated. Predictable, continuous performance is over 99% effective.

Works Continuously For You!

Just place an Algae Guard strip in your condensate pan once every three or six months (depending on the size), and it works for you continuously. With Algae Guard, you don’t waste your time.

Guaranteed To Satisfy

More than ten times the value of tablets. Algae Guard always works. 14 easy to choose sizes!

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Algae Guard FAQs:

Algae Guard is an EPA-registered controlled-release drain pan cleaner. It contains antimicrobial agents plus detergents plus dispersants.

Algae Guard is a controlled-released polymer system developed by our labs specifically for use in drain pans over 25 years ago. The long-lasting timed release aspect of the product allows it to continue cleaning for up to six months. Algae Guard has a multitude of ingredients that allow it to keep pans clean continously.

Just pick out the size of Algae Guard recommended for the tonnage unit you have, and lay it in the drain pan, furthest from the drain near the coil. Thats all – Algae Guard does the work for you – automatically.

That has already been calculated out for you. Algae Guard is available in sizes engineered from 3/4 ton all the way up to 100’s of ton AHUs. Just choose the size you need. No sense paying for product that you won’t use, and no sense guessing.

Algae Guard was engineered to handle the most severe conditions of up to 100% humidity and 100% outside air. You can be certain of results with Algae Guard.

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