First Strike Micro Coat


Ready-to-use solutions that provide up to 12 months of protection for up to a 50 ton HVAC system coil.

Cannot ship until April 2020 due to freezing temperatures.

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Put up a shield against buildup, dirt and debris with this molecular micro coat specifically designed to protect evaporator coils. Apply First Strike Micro Coat to your coils annually to extend their life, and prevent buildup that can increase your customers’ energy consumption. FSMC is certified GREEN and does not inhibit heat transfer. It will make the unit smell better.

First Strike Micro Coat, the first treatment for cooling coils and unit interiors. First Strike actually prevents dirt build-up by forming a transparent molecular barrier on the surface of the HVAC coil, preventing dirt build-up for over a year.

First Strike Micro Coat helps maintain unit efficiency, prevents build-up of airborne particles, guards against coil corrosion and creates a mildew-resistant coating.

How much is needed?

Each size is a ready-to-use solution that provides up to 12 months protection.

  • 16oz spray bottle: 6 ton HVAC system coil.
  • 1 quart bottle: 10-12 ton HVAC system coil.
  • 1 gallon bottle: 50 ton HVAC system coil.

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