Coil Shield


Ready-to-use solutions that provide up to 12 months of protection for up to a 50 ton HVAC system coil.

Cannot ship until April 2021 due to freezing temperatures.

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Specifically designed for coastal areas, Coil Shield stops salt air corrosion in its tracks. Coil Sheild protects condenser coils from metal corrosion, Great for coastal areas, it will extend the life of your condenser coils and protect them from the intensely salty air that can ruin your system.

Thoroughly tested against salt air corrosion. Independent lab test results showed Coil Shield withstood 4,000 hours in severe salt spray chamber tests with virtually no corrosion.

How much is needed?

Each size is a ready-to-use solution that provides up to 12 months protection.

  • 16oz spray bottle: 3-5 ton HVAC system coil.
  • 1 quart bottle: 10-12 ton HVAC system coil.
  • 1 gallon bottle: 50 ton HVAC system coil.

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