Cooler Guard


2 month continuous cleaning treatment for systems rated up to 4,000 CFM and up to 10,000 CFM.

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Cooler Guard keeps your cooler clean and scale-free. No work required!

Cooler Guard time-released evaporative cooler cleaning treatment helps keep coolers and pads clean by releasing cleaning agents, dispersants, and descalers into the recirculating water. Cooler Guard is timed-release maintenance for evaporative coolers and works continuously in the cooler water, keeping the unit clean. Just unwrap it and drop it in!

  • Cleans wherever the water reaches
  • Guards against future deposits

2 months continuous cleaning treatment:

  • Cooler Guard E-4000: For systems rated up to 4,000 CFM
  • Cooler Guard E-10000: For systems rated up to 10,000 CFM

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