How is your HVAC drip pan looking these days? With the increase of moisture in many states and the high heat index,the pristine environment could be developing inside your HVAC without you knowing it. Slimy algae pooling up inside your HVAC drip pan is not only difficult to clean,but it also causes HVAC degradation. It’s time to discover a remedy. Now you can stop algae growth inside your HVAC drip pans with Algae Guard.

Algae is the Number One Cause for Drip Pan Degradation

The leading cause of drip pan degradation is water buildup caused by microbial development inside your HVAC drip pan. Microbial growth clogs drains and creates a plethora of issues inside your HVAC unless it is addressed immediately. Imagine never having to deal with microbial growth like algae in a drip pan ever again. Once you place Algae Guard inside the HVAC drip pan,Algae Guard goes to work protecting your HVAC day in and day out. With Algae Guard,all you will find when you check on your HVAC drip pan is clear,clean and pristine water. The reality is that microbes cannot grow inside drip pans that are protected by Algae Guard.

How Long Does Algae Guard Last?

After you place Algae Guard in your HVAC drip pan,you can expect the self-cleaning agents to go to work the moment they come into contact with water. In fact,Algae Guard keeps on working for a full six months,ensuring that your HVAC drip pan is algae free and that no buildup is developing. Wouldn’t it be great to not have to deal with clogged drains,or mold,mildew or algae buildup ever again?

Weather Changes Allow Algae Guard To Protect Your HVAC—All The More!

Algae Guard works best even in the hardest weather conditions. Humidity can cause your HVAC drip pan to struggle fending off bacteria and microbes that grow in humid water environments. That is why Algae Guard thrives as it continually protects your HVAC from microbial growth that spreads quickly in severe weather.

Would you like your HVAC drip pan to experience the no buildup and no algae difference today? Order your Algae Guard drip pan protection online today or call us at (623) 930-5490,and never change slimy,algae drip pans ever again!