Clogged Coolers Can Be Avoided With Cooler Guard

Scaled up coolers can not only make work harder but eventually they can malfunction or cause internal damage to other parts of your HVAC, costing you a bundle! No one likes clogged pads in their cooler because they immediately cause water droplets to be forced through the air and into your facility or indoor environment. Water droplets also cause eventual corrosion problems, affecting other parts of your cooler. Want to remedy the issue by preventing clogging or scaling from forming in the first place? Clogged coolers can be avoided with Cooler Guard protection that works around the clock! Experiencing Scaled Up Cooler Problems Can Be a Thing of the Past! Scaled up cooler parts lead to costly replacements. If you have fallen into the trap of replacing instead of protecting your cooler parts, we have a solution for you. Cooler Guard protects your cooler from developing scaled up problems that [...]