Now that we are in the dead heat of summer,you cannot afford to take risks with your employees,customers or livestock. When outdoor activities beckon such as patio parties and gatherings,COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative cooling can save the day. That is why others are catching on fast to the fact that it times to get out of the heat with portable COOL-SPACE™!

COOL-SPACE Out Performs Old Evaporative Cooling Systems

Unlike traditional evaporative coolers that often rust and cannot be transported from space to space,COOL-SPACE™ offers easy accessibility,mobility and durability. The manufacturers of COOL-SPACE™ have thought of everything when it comes to creating a product that will stand the test of time. Because COOL-SPACE™ is rust,corrosion,mold and mildew resistant,traditional evaporative coolers cannot even come close to outperforming. COOL-SPACE™ comes with a guarantee to hold up under any heat. The polyethylene casing is the most durable casing you will find in evaporative cooling systems today. With COOL-SPACE™,you will never experience water buildup,rust or breakdown to do to degradation.

Where Can You Place COOL-SPACE?

COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative cooling can be placed anywhere you can find a water source and electricity. Animal shelters such as horse,hen,and other livestock can all benefit from the accessible use of COOL-SPACE™. Just wheel your COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative cooler into place,hook up a hose or water source,plug it into a power supply and you have fresh,cool air in any area! Some of our customers such as car repair shops,outdoor patio restaurants,outdoor wedding venues,parks and other event coordinators enjoy the easy access to COOL-SPACE™.  In the midst of hot summer activities,it doesn’t matter where you need cool,fresh air,COOL-SPACE™ can meet and exceed your expectations!

It’s Time to order you COOL-SPACE Today!

Tired of the outdoor heat spoiling your events? Order you COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative cooling system today. Contact us at (623) 930-5490 and start enjoying summertime again!