Mainly due to the augmentation of moisture seen this year,we have experienced an increased amount of calls from customers seeking help for mold and mildew protection. BIOFLEX offers a successful defense against mold,mildew,and organisms that can cause environmental changes and cost millions in repairs. Before you discover yourself needing to call an expert to uproot mold,we have a solution! Like no other product on the market,BIOFLEX protects your investment from mold and mildew damages.

With One Application,BIOFLEX Continues Working!

BIOFLEX is the main pre-treat protection that annihilates mold and mildew development with only one easy application. When you apply one layer of BIOFLEX protection,it will continue battling against mold and mildew while offering a lifetime defense against environmental damages caused by them. It goes beyond meeting your expectations when it comes to effectively squelching mold development so that your structure remains safe from bio-environmental damages.  BIOFLEX can also be used on concrete-masonry,woods and metals,ensuring that your investment is safe for years to come.

There is No Better Time than Now to Apply BIOFLEX

If you are in the pre-paint stages of construction,now is an ideal window of time to protect it with BIOFLEX. Development experts across the land have learned the value of using BIOFLEX before painting or staining any surface. With one application,they have guaranteed that the property is sheltered from mold and mildew due to BIOFLEX’s fungicidal properties. On the off chance that you are right now doing a rebuild or attempting to paint interior and exterior walls,adding BIOFLEX as an added security measure is simple,as well as savvy. After applying BIOFLEX you have not only added protection against mold and mildew,but BIOFLEX also is an effective primer,readying your surface for any application of paint or stain.

Stop Mold and Mildew Development Today By Requesting BIOFLEX

If you need to guarantee that your venture is shielded from mold and mildew,right now is an ideal opportunity to order BIOFLEX. You can purchase BIOFLEX online or call (623) 930-5490 today! Call now and obtain the peace of mind needed to prevent mold and mildew damages while protecting your investment!