We are not surprised that HVAC professionals recommend T-84 to customers all over the states. Touchstone84 is one of Pancrete brands most popular surface applications that has recently been redeveloped to improve performance and protection. If you need a product that is reliable when it comes to protecting your investment,Touchstone84 (T-84) coating stops corrosion in its tracks!

Refurbish HVAC Condensate Pans with T-84 by Pancrete

Have you taken a look at your HVAC condensate pan lately? In the heat of the year,is the best time to assess how your HVAC system is functioning and if you have noticed a slump in performance. One of the main issues to look for when it comes to degradation is the condensate pan. If it is showing symptoms of rust or excessive wear,replacing it can be very expensive. T-84 by Pancrete allows you to resurface the condensate pan,leaving a smooth surface that rejects water buildup caused by pooling. Touchstone84 also is a fungi and bacteria barrier,preventing the slimy muck from adhering to the bottom of the pan and causing more corrosion problems. You can prevent premature replacements by using T-84 as a protective waterproof coating against corrosion and other elements that cause damage to your HVAC condensate pan. If your HVAC condensate pan is leaking,T-84 can seal the leaks permanently!

T-84 Protects More Than Your HVAC Condensate Pan

It’s true,most HVAC specialist use T-84 for condensate pan protection. However,did you know that T-84 can be applied to other components of your HVAC? You can use it on the interior and exterior walls,fan blower enclosures,inlet and outlet plenums,water piping and even the exterior air ducts to prevent corrosion. This all- in-one protective coating is designed to save HVAC owners money while protecting them against the very elements that cause HVAC breakdown and wear-and-tear.

Order Your T-84 by Pancrete Today!

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