Have you been experienced scaled up cooler parts and having to replace them incessantly? Now there is a better solution that will save you cash and stop your cooler from becoming a money pit. It’s time to keep your air cooler scale free with Cooler Guard!

Scaled or Clogged Cooler Pads Often Cause Operating Problems

Cooler pads have a notorious tendency of developing scale buildup. Once the scale has adhered to the surface of your cooler pad,it becomes clogged and allows water to enter the air stream. Also,it prevents the cooler from running at optimal levels. With Cooler Guard,you can stop worrying about scale and buildup and enjoy fresh,clean air without the stress of buying new parts for your cooler due to scaling.

Have You Tried the 24/7 Cleaning Solution Cooler Guard?

If you need a cleaner that stops the buildup of scale and cleans around the clock,Cooler Guard does that and more! It not only dissolves the buildup that causes corrosion,it guards against future deposits. It works when it comes in contact with water and keeps your cooler pad lasting longer due to no buildup. It also is pH neutral,allowing your cooler pad an extended life. This time-released maintenance product for water coolers is the first choice among smart consumers because it works!

Want To Keep De-Scaling Your Water Cooler and Replacing Parts?

If so,just ignore everything we’ve just said. However,if you want to stop stressing over water cooler scale and costly replacements and get on with your life,you’ll need Cooler Guard. Order your Cooler Guard protection today online or call us (623) 930-5490.