Have you heard about Flex Seal Insulation? Chances are you have seen the other ‘Flex Seal’ advertisement on television that comes in a spray can and claims to stop leaks effectively. This is not the same product developed in the 1990’s called Flex Seal Insulation that is designed to coat walls,wood,porous materials,as well as,HVAC’s. Flex seal CRT was initially designed to encapsulate fiberglass and similar material that contained carcinogens. After experts had begun using it,they realized how useful Flex Seal Insulation was for other job tasks like HVAC’s and more. Also,Flex Seal offers an odorless protective coating that prevents microbial attacks.

There Are No VOC Emissions in Our Flex Seal Insulation

Unlike the Flex Seal advertised on television,our product is environmentally safe. Flex Seal has become the product of choice when it comes to coating insulation within HVAC systems or protecting ductwork with a barrier that will provide extended protection for years to come. Also,Flex Seal offers a cleanable surface,something that other insulations cannot claim. In addition,Flex Seal Insulation holds up to all kinds of weather extremes including excessive heat and cold temperatures. Other HVAC insulations crack under such pressure,but Flex Seal keeps providing the protection that our customers need and can afford.

One Time Application of Flex Seal Insulation Saves Money and Time

With Flex Seal,you will only need to apply it one time,and it will keep working year in and year out. Better yet,Flex Seal dries in about two hours,allowing for very short downtime. Because Flex Seal Insulation is a low odor or no odor approved application,it does not provoke respiratory issues like other HVAC insulations,while combating microbes like mildew and mold growth. Lastly,it leaves behind a smooth,cleanable surface that is easy to wipe down and keep clean. Does your HVAC insulation do all of that? We didn’t think so!

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