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Coil Shield


Solutions to prevent premature coil failure are varied. The most common technique is to coat the coils with some type of an epoxy or polymer coating. Most treatments require the coil being shipped to an outside location, where it is dipped or sprayed with a special coating. Treatment and shipment contributes substantially to the cost of the coil, and then when it is shipped to the user, the coil must be reinstalled, another expense.

In these cases, delays can add weeks to the unit being put into service.

Weatherproof Coil Shield (WCS) is an advanced technology developed by Controlled Release Technologies' R&D laboratory. Independent studies in an accelerated weathering chamber (salt spray, UV light exposure, heat, industrial chemical exposure) indicated WCS treated coils to perform for 4,000 hours. Tests were stopped at that point. Anyone can easily apply WCS in a matter of minutes to coils, and save expensive coil replacement and energy consumption due to decreased efficiency of corroded coils.

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