Many metal projects that are being painted or coated need a surface preparation that will allow the top coating to adhere successfully and last a long while. Without first cleaning the surface, the paint may leave behind blotches or come off more in a matter of weeks. It just makes sense not to get the cart before the horse, especially when it comes to painting or coating a metal surface. That is why we know that there is no better surface prep than Clean Bond.

Professional Painters Use Clean Bond When Painting Metal Surfaces

Before ever approaching a painted metal project like a car, park equipment, or another project, we recommend using Clean Bond first. Clean Bond quickly removes, dirt, dust, grease and other contaminants that can prevent adhesion of paints or coatings. Why would anyone want to double their work? That is what some people do when they forget the most important part of the painting and that is preparing the surface.

Clean Bond Is a Corrosion Preventative

If you are thinking of coating any form of metal, including HVAC parts, it is always wise to use Clean Bond first. Clean Bond provides added protection against rust and corrosion that tends to develop on metal surfaces. Clean Bond’s ability to resist degradation can save you a bundle! Untreated metals take a very short amount of time to begin showing signs of rust and pinhole problems that develop in the paint or coating. Clean Bond prevents damage from ever happening in the first place, ensuring that your investment is protected.

Clean Bond Primes and Protects.

Clean Bond leaves behind a smooth paintable surface that is ready for any application. If you are planning to paint a metal surface anytime soon, we suggest you purchase Clean Bond now so that you will never have to be concerned about your project having adhesion problems. Order your Clean Bond protection online or call us at (623) 930-5490 to place your order today!