No More Messy HVAC Drip Pans with PanGuard

Believe it or not,people are still cleaning out clogged,slimy drip pans month after month. Really? Maybe they have not heard of PanGuard,the leading drip pan protection that not only prevents rust and corrosion,but keeps HVAC drip pan water fresh and clean. The special cleaning agents within PanGuard ensure users of one thing; there will be no more messy HVAC drip pans with PanGuard. Cleaning Drip Pans Can Be Grueling,So Why Keep Doing It? If your HVAC maintenance schedule requires regular cleaning of the HVAC drip pan,then you are working harder than need be. PanGuard was designed to do the work for you. Simply place one PanGuard inside the HVAC drip pan and walk away for up to three-six months. PanGuard consists of a polymer core that continues to clean your drip pan and protect it from accumulating dirt,grime,sludge and other common debris. In doing so,it also stops your HVAC drip [...]

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Clean Bond Allows For Applications to Adhere Without Worry

Are you currently working on a project that will soon need paint or some other application? Summertime seems to be filled with these kinds of tasks. To ensure that everything goes right,especially if the surface is metal,a good cleaning agent that removes undetectable surface dirt and grime is necessary. That is why we recommend Clean Bond because it allows for applications to adhere without worry,ensuring that your painting project will last for years to come. Prevent A Metal Application Disaster With Clean Bond! Adhesion to metal can be tricky,especially if untreated surfaces have grease,dirt or any other trace of dust on them. We know the importance of using a product that is guaranteed to not only clean metal surfaces,but leave behind a primed surface ready for any application. Don’t be caught skimping out on the important step of prepping your metal surface before application,or you may find yourself having to [...]

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Remember to Use Coil Shield,the Best Armor for Your HVAC!

Tired of dealing with corroded HVAC coils every time you turn around? Maybe you have not heard of Coil Shield Protectant. You see,Coil Shield protects against salt and high humidity changes that affect your HVAC coils and can cause degradation of your investment quickly. There have been an excessive amount of storm fronts this year,and many HVAC owners are concerned that their investment is suffering the consequences. Coil Shield works like a piece of armor that protects rust and corrosion from destroying your investment. That is why it is important that you remember to use Coil Shield,the best armor for your HVAC! Coil Shield Protects HVAC Coils from Rust and Degradation If you have been in the industry of HVAC servicing for any amount of time,you have come across neglected HVAC coils filled with rust and corrosion,as well as other debris. HVAC systems were not designed to run effectively while [...]

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Instant Powder Kegs Takes the Sweat out of Cleaning Dirty HVAC Coils!

Are you still carrying water from the site to site just to clean dirty HVAC coils? If so,you must not have heard about Instant Powder Kegs. Want to reduce your time in HVAC maintenance and stop carrying around gallons of water? Try the simpler solution. Instant Powder Kegs takes the sweat out of cleaning dirty HVAC coils! The Easiest Way to Clean HVAC Coils Instant Powder Kegs is the easiest and most efficient way to clean dirty HVAC coils. No fuss,no big buckets of watered down cleaning solution to carry around and easy application make it a winner! Only put a small amount of concentrated Instant Powder Kegs into a spray bottle and hook it to your tool belt. When you arrive onsite,just add water,and presto---you have the most efficient coil cleaner made. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Oh…and did we mention that Instant Powder Kegs is easy [...]

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Don’t Get Caught Without V570 HVAC Surface Protector

Now that you have purchased a HVAC system for your business,it is time to protect your investment. Many dealers will never tell you the secrets that HVAC maintenance staff know and use to ensure that you keep money in your pocket. That is why we suggest that you don’t get caught without V570 HVAC surface protector! Has Your HVAC Surface Taken a Beating? If you answered yes to that question,you are in long line with other HVAC owners who have never heard of V570 HVAC surface protector. Chemicals,water,industrial gases and more can add to the wear and tear of HVAC surfaces. Before long they can begin to show signs of corrosion that soon spreads to the rest of the system. A harsh HVAC environment also lends to drain pan degradation and more. Now all of those problems are completely avoidable by applying V570 to the surfaces of your HVAC system,especially [...]

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Have You Prepared For The Heat With COOL-SPACE?

Summer has not quite arrived but unfortunately,the heat has in many parts of the states. As a business owner,maybe you have not discovered the essential and easy solution for cool,fresh air that is portable and affordable? If so,have you prepared for the heat with COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative cooling systems? No Installation Required with COOL-SPACE™ Evaporative Cooling Systems! Have you discovered that you need cool,fresh air in a work garage,animal shelter,manufacturing warehouse or other difficult to cool-down area? Now,with COOL-SPACE™,the solution is as close as a garden hose and electric outlet. Our portable evaporative system can fit into any area easily. All that is needed is a water supply and access to electric. Why suffer under the sweltering heat while COOL-SPACE™ offers your workplace a retreat? COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative cooling systems are great for car shops,outdoor tents,horse,hen houses and other livestock that need a cool place to stay or just about [...]

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No One Can Afford To Be Without Fast Attack HVAC Sanitizer for Travel

Annually,we see the statistics of viral flu and germs that affect large populations of people in different areas of the world. One encroachment or danger being manifested of late is the Ebola virus outbreak in Africa and travelers coming to America from Africa. There are preventative measures in place,but extra protection would go a long way in thwarting the spread of such a disease to the motherland. No one can afford to be without Fast Attack HVAC sanitizer for travel and more. Travel Industry Discovers Way to Keep Germs at Bay It is true that Fast Attack HVAC sanitizer can eliminate up to 99% of the germs and flu viruses that easily spread through the HVAC air conditioning units. The spread of germs is often exacerbated in areas where people congregate,such as train stations,bus stations,airports,hospitals,cruise ships,malls,schools and more. Imagine being able to eradicate the spread of germs by just treating [...]

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Use BIOFLEX and Prevent Mold Remediation Costs!

It is commonly known,especially if you live in an area that is susceptible to mold that mold remediation services can cost a bundle. Due to the increase of moisture in 2015,your investment may be at risks,but we have good news! BIOFLEX provides an effective barrier against mold,mildew,and microbes unlike any other product on the market today. Before you find yourself having to call a professional to remove mold,use BIOFLEX and prevent mold remediation costs now! Once Applied,BIOFLEX Keeps on Working! BIOFLEX is the leading pre-treat product that eradicates the susceptibility of mold growth with just one application. Once you apply BIOFLEX coating,it will keep fighting against mold and mildew while providing lifetime protection. It works successfully in preventing mold and mildew growth so that your investment remains safe from microbe damage and lengthy,as well as,expensive costs in damage repairs. With on coat,your investment is protected for life. Now Is the [...]

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Take Preventative Actions Today With Ductile HVAC Coating!

Nobody wants to discover that the money they have spent on HVAC purchases and installations is going down the tubes due to lack of protective measures. That is why wise business owners know that the time to act on a potential problem is before it happens,not after it occurs. If your HVAC is experiencing signs of corrosion due to environmental changes,chances are you have not acted quickly enough. Now is the time to take preventative actions today with Ductile HVAC coating! Stop Corrosion in Its Tracks with Ductile HVAC Protective Coating With Ductile HVAC protective coating,you can say no to rust,mold,and other weather-induced problems that seek out areas to cause degradation. HVAC ductwork is extremely vulnerable to environmental changes and without protection being applied,you could find yourself knee deep in replacement costs! If you have witnessed pinholes in your ductwork,you don’t have any time to waste when it comes to [...]

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Put an End to Slimy HVAC Drain Pans with Algae Guard

Have you ever had to deal with the slime left behind in your HVAC drip pan? Then you know how time-consuming and disgusting that kind of work can be. We have good news for you! How about never having to clean another algae-filled HVAC pan for the rest of your life? It is possible to put an end to slimy HVAC drain pans with Algae Guard. Microbes Cannot Grow In HVAC Pans That Use Algae Guard Algae Guard not only works for months on end,but it also prevents bacteria like algae,mold,mildew and other spores to grow in murky or unfiltered water sources. In fact,Algae Guard works around the clock to keep your HVAC drip pan water pristine and clean. In the process,your indoor environment is protected from the effects of allergens like mold and mildew that often trigger asthma and other respiratory problems. Wouldn’t it be great never to see [...]

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