The school year has already begun for many districts throughout the states. As teachers and administrators have all prepared for the upcoming school season, many have forgotten to provide protection in other ways from germs that often spread quickly through the learning centers. One of the best ways to prevent colds and flu from spreading is to be proactive. The HVAC air supply can be detrimental in spreading germs when it comes to airborne viruses. That is why we recommend you stay ahead of the school germs this year with Fast Attack HVAC Sanitizer.

Fast Attack Eliminates up to 99% of Germs Associated with Germs

Did you know that Fast Attack HVAC Sanitizer is capable of eliminating up to 99% of the germs that often spread through facilities via the HVAC air flow system? Now let us think about areas where school children congregate such as gyms, cafeterias, classrooms and more. During the flu season, which is quickly approaching, germs can be spread faster than you can imagine. One way to prevent an outbreak is to use Fast Attack on your HVAC system. Fast Attack ensures that the air supply is safe and free of microbes that often are associated with the spread of viruses and respiratory sickness. In addition, researchers have discovered that using Fast Attack sanitizer on stair rails, tables, in bathrooms and other areas where children’s hands come in contact with surfaces, can eliminate the spread of germs instantly! Doesn’t it make sense to be more proactive in your school or daycare centers when it comes to the spread of contagious germs? Now it is easier than ever with one use of Fast Attack HVAC Sanitizer!

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Stop germs in their tracks by using Fast Attack today! Order your Fast Attack HVAC Sanitizer online or call us directly at (623) 930-5490. By becoming proactive, you eliminate the issue of germs spreading before they get started!