Fast Attack HVAC System Sanitizer Helps Protect Cruise Ships from Rhinovirus

In the last several years,the news has been plagued with cruise liners being affected by the rhinovirus causing passengers illness and ruined vacation plans. Your cruise line may be impeccably clean and sanitized on the outside,but if you are neglecting your HAVAC system,you most likely have trouble breeding in unimaginable proportions that you are not aware of. FAST ATTACK HVAC System Sanitizer helps protect cruise ships from rhinovirus and other detrimental bacteria and disease.

Cruise Liners are Responsible to Prevent Virus Outbreaks On Board

Cruise ships and passengers are susceptible to enough common viruses and bacteria simply by traveling. Viruses can cause illness,and in some cases death. If this should happen on your cruise liner,your business could be sued for millions. Preventative measures must be adhered to so that the crew and passengers are deemed safe from such contaminates,and able to enjoy their vacation without undue worry about contracting an illness while aboard your ship. Fact is,most air conditioners have never been sanitized. This leaves passengers and crew members exposed to communicable diseases. In the end,you as the cruise line owner will be held liable.

How ‘Fast Attack’ Can Prevent Contagious Disease on Your Ship

Fast Attack is specifically designed to eliminate contaminates such as bacteria,mold,viruses and other communicable diseases when used in your HVAC system. Fast Attack’s antimicrobial properties have been used for decades in infection control environments. Iodine is the main ingredient in Fast Attack that helps sanitize and clean the air throughout your cruise liner. Stuffy cruise cabins are the result of odor causing mold and mildew that found in your HVAC unit. Fast Attack not only deodorizes your ship,but protects the air quality allowing viruses and bacteria in the air to be eradicated at once,preventing the spread of germs to you and your passengers.

If you are doing all you can to prevent communicable diseases from spreading on your cruise ship,then you can rest in knowing that Fast Attack is working even when you aren’t. Give us call to order your Fast Attack HVAC Sanitizer today! (623) 203-5090.

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