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Frequently Asked Questions - V570


V570 is a chemically resistant polymer specifically engineered for vertical surfaces. It is white in color.

Both alkaline and acid coil cleaners are very corrosive to galvanizing and aluminum, and coatings as well. V570 is engineered to have no effect from chemicals, even concentrated coil cleaners normally aggressive to metals. In this regard, V570 is similar to Pancrete.

V570 and Pancrete share the same corrosion water resistance. However, Pancrete when mixed has a consistency of water, so it flows easily, coating the entire drain area, and easily getting into hard-to-reach areas. V570 is more viscous, and is engineered to coat the vertical surfaces of metals.

Metal preparation is the most time-consuming part of the process. You'll wet-vac the unit, and wire brush loose and flaking metal, then apply V570 to the vertical surfaces you wish to coat. Then you would pour the Pancrete in to the pan. You can put the unit back into service in as little as 4 hours depending upon temperatures.

Very much so. It is not uncommon on larger air handlers to save as much as 85% of the cost of a new pan replacement.

V570 will not rust or wear out. It is chemically resistant to most coil cleaners, provides a permanently smooth surface. It should outlive your equipment.

One gallon of V570 should coat about 200 square feet of metal. The user should not mix anymore product than what he would use in a 30 minute time period after mixing or the product will set up in the can.

V570 is packaged in pints, quarts, gallons and 5-gallon containers. The procedure would be to calculate out how much you would need first. For example, if you calculate you have 150 square feet of area to cover, you should purchase 3 quarts of V570, and mix them up as you go along.

Improper surface prep and mixing are the most common reasons for coating failures, so they are very important. If in doubt, call our customer service department.

You can use V570 as long as two years after the manufacturing date.

No. Neither V570 nor Pancrete can be partially mixed due to specialized ratios, so only complete containers may be used. The user should determine what size containers he needs for the job at hand. Our customer service department can provide easy assistance.