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Frequently Asked Questions - PanGuard


PanGuard is a controlled-release drain pan cleaner.

PanGuard is the first true timed-released product for drain pans on the market, developed by our labs for use over 17 years ago. The long-lasting timed release aspect of the product allows it to continue cleaning for up to six months. PanGuard has a multitude of ingredients that allow it to keep pans clean continuously.

Just pick out the size of PanGuard recommended for the tonnage unit you have and lay it in the drain pan, furthest from the drain near the coil. That's all.

That has already been calculated out for you. PanGuard is available in sizes engineered from 3/4 ton all the way up to 100's of ton AHUs. Just choose the size you need. No sense paying for product that you won't use, and no sense guessing.

PanGuard was engineered to handle the most severe conditions of up to 100% humidity and 100% outside air. Confidence in performance is what makes PanGuard the leading product for drain pan treatment for knowledgeable contractors.