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Instant Powder Kegs All Purpose Coil Cleaner


The first powdered coil cleaner asks the question "Why haul water?"

One package contains six separate "Kegs". You gain mixture strength by adding bags to your water. You don't waste money like concentrated coil cleaners by using too much right off the bat. And freight costs? Why pay an extra $1 a gallon or more just to ship water? We thought you just might already have water where you are.

With Instant Powder Kegs storage problems are gone. One package of 6 kegs equals a gallon of 6 to 1 concentrate, and weighs only one and a half pounds. It fits easily on a shelf, won't leak and doesn't separate. Service techs can carry a "gallon" of coil cleaner tied on their belt loop or in their pocket with no problem.

Add Powder Kegs to water at the job-site and forget about leaking products during transport and storage. Instant Powder Kegs is portion controlled and good for all types of coils.

PK6 6 bags 12-24 gal. $92.00
PK12 12 bags 24-48 gal. $180.00

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