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Frequently Asked Questions - Flex Seal


Flex Seal is an advanced coating engineered to stop fiberglass emissions and to prevent the ingress of particulates into fiberglass and other porous materials. Flex Seal is also used for interior walls, insulative pipe coatings, and other materials. Fiberglass is a known carcinogen, and it's emission is undesirable.

Flex Seal exceeds all fire code requirements, and is superior to a Class One fire code. Flex Seal is ASTM E-84 Certified at a zero (0) Flame Spread.

Flex Seal is recommended for use on interior walls, fiberglass and rubber insulation on pipes and other surfaces, insulation under wall board, and interior metal surfaces.

Yes. Flex Seal may be applied to pipe surfaces to prevent fiberglass emissions.

No. Flex Seal is a water-based, non-flammable liquid.

Typically, an airless sprayer is used to apply BioFlex. The film thickness should be approximately 15 to 25 mils depending on the surface applied to. Porous surfaces may require higher thickness.

Freezing represents an important issue to the consumer. Most products now available have to be protected from freeezing, and require special handling and stroage during cold weather, otherwise the product turns into an unusable "cottage-cheese". Flex Seal does not require special handling. It passes five freeze-thaw tests with no reduction in performance. So, you can stop worrying about losing your product due to accidental freezing and use Flex Seal anytime you want to, with no special shipping or handling.

You do not need to be concerned with odor with Flex Seal. Low odor is one of it's features. Flex Seal has an actual indepently certified VOC value of 26.84 per the ASTM D-3960 method. This is not a calculated VOC, but an actual certified value.

Flex Seal is manufactured to tightly controlled quality standards. No mixing is required, and no straining is required prior to use.

An airless sprayer is recommended of at least 2,000 psi. Brands recommended include Binks, Wagner SprayTech, Graco or similar.

Flex Seal exceeds EPA standards for coatings. EPA regulations call for no more than 250 g/l VOCs, and suggests a voluntary standard not to exceed 50 g/l for interior coatings. A certified independent lab testing Flex Seal reported a VOC of 26.84 g/l, close to one-half of the EPA's voluntary limit.