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Frequently Asked Questions - First Strike Micro Coat


First Strike MicroCoat is molecularly-thin coating that extends the time between required coil cleaning up to eight times.

No. Instruments cannot measure any reduction in heat transfer with First Strike MicroCoat.

First Strike is applied to coils using a pump-up sprayer after coils are initially cleaned.

Yes. First Strike has been shown to dramatically cut required cleaning of coils where grease is a problem. Look at the "What Users Say" section.

First Strike has produced marked improvements with a variety of accumulations such as bakery dust, sugar, and other difficult particulates.

Absolutely. First Strike has a 0-0-0 hazard rating, the lowest possible.

No. First Strike is an non-flammable liquid.

No, there is no Teflon in First Strike. You may have noticed that the ads for Teflon products make the condensate form beads. This is totally unacceptable for air conditioning coils. In fact, it is the opposite from what manufacturers recommend. Air velocities through coils are limited by "blow-off", or the tendency of the condensate to be ripped off of the coil fins by the air. This water winds up down stream of the coils where it either causes propertly damage, or contributes to the dampness in the insulation, something that is not wanted. Teflon with its bead producing effects, allows the water to have a higher profile to the air stream, and become more susceptible to blow-off. For this reason, First Strike does not contain Teflon.