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For Ductwork and HVAC Interiors. Engineered and tested for use in robotic sprayer systems.

Make Your Investment Count

You invested in quality and performance when you purchased your robotic spraying equipment. Now, take the next step and offer your customers the best in quality duct coatings.

Ductile, a member of the Flex Seal brand of coatings, provides a permanent and flexible barrier for insulation, preventing delamination and stopping fiberglass fibers and asbestos from entering the airstream.

Ductile also contains a preservative which inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on its surface. Ductile can be used to coat wood, masonry block and when combined with a water-based primer, even coats galvanized metal.

Ductile's black color easily blends with duct interiOrs, and quickly dries to a smooth, even surface. You and your customers will enjoy its professional appearance and quick installation.

Low Odor And Short Drying Time

The level of volatile organic chemicals is slight causing minimal odor. This, along with a fast drying formulation, shortens downtime to four hours or less on average.

Remains Flexible And Scrubbable

The superior flexibility and durability of DUCTILE allows you to easily wipe away any dust, dirt, grease or other matter on its surface. DUCTILE will remain flexible over time, and will not flake or peel.

Other Performance Aspects

Ductile seals fiberglass to prevent blow off. It also seals porous surfaces, is cleanable with water, is non-flammable, non-flaking, non-chalking and is chemical resistant.

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