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Cooler Guard


Time-Released Maintenance For Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Cooler Maintenance

Millions of dollars get spent replacing evaporative cooler parts only because they are scaled up.

Scaled pad surfaces decrease the unit's efficiency and increase the potential of moisture getting into the air stream.

Neglected coolers contain sludge and other deposits in the sump, affecting the quality of the air which runs through them.

The problem of scale deposit build is real. Time consuming clean up using acids and other harsh chemicals can be a hazard, but this can be prevented.

  • Cleans wherever the water reaches.
  • Dissolves the build-up that causes corrosion.
  • Guards against future deposits.
  • Extends cooler pad life indefinitely.
  • Provides a fresh cooling environment.
  • Keeps units clean and trouble-free.
  • pH neutral to preserve pad life.
  • Maximizes air flow for top efficiency.
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