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COOL-SPACE Portable Evaporative Coolers


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The COOL-SPACE™ range of portable evaporative coolers provides a very cost effective, easy to use and environmentally-friendly solution for comfort cooling in areas that need short term or temporary cooling or where flexibility is required. There are three principle sizes of product that can cool areas of 500ft², 2350ft² and 3250ft² respectively. Multiple use of products can provide greater coverage depending on the application. The units are environmentally friendly as they simply run on water and a single phase electricity supply.

CSW-12HV CS5-16-2D CS5-36-1D CS5-36-3B CS5-36-VD CS5-48-2B
CSW-12HV CS5-16-2D CS5-36-1D CS5-36-3B CS5-36-VD CS5-48-2B
$699 $1,069 $2,229 $2,399 $2,499 $3,499

COOL-SPACE™ products are UL and ETL approved an are manufactured from a tough, durable, moulded polyethylene. They also contain an 8 in. thick cooling medium that lowers the ambient temperature by up to 28°F (depending on the relative humidity). The majority of directly competitive products only have 6 in. media – therefore COOL-SPACE™ derives a greater degree of cooling than its competitors.

As a result they have been used effectively in the following market sectors:

  • Automotive workshops
  • Factory areas
  • Warehouses
  • Oil industry – drilling areas
  • Equine centers and stables
  • Marquees and event management
  • Patio areas
  • Restaurants, coffee shops and bars
  • Motor sport venues
  • Air Hangars

COOL-SPACE™ products also offer potential for companies supplying rented capital equipment as the robust construction allows continuous re-use and payback on investment is generally within a 12 month period (depending on the length of the cooling season).

How it Works

portable cooler how it works

The fan draws hot, drier air through the thick wet cooling media. As water evaporates into the passing air, it displaces the heat in the air.

The Result: Mistless discharged air up to 28°F cooler!


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