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COOL-SPACE CS5-Series May Be Small, But It’s Powerful!

CooL SPACE Portable evaporative cooler CSW 12HV

Are you trying to find just the right amount of cooling for a niche area? Whether it is a factory, warehouse or barn, we have the solution. The COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative CS5-Series may be small, but it’s powerful and able to cover up to (500 ft. 2). That’s a powerhouse of cooling compared to other brands of the same size.

Chill Out With Portable Evaporative COOL-SPACE

COOL SPACE Portable evaporative cooling

Portable evaporative cooling never got easier, as we are now offering the most cost efficient, easy to use and environmentally friendly cooling solution for work areas, public events and other short-term temporary cooling when flexibility is of the utmost importance.

Scale Free Cooler Guard Provides Powerful Protection

Cooler Guard Evaporative Cooler Cleaning System

It may not seem like the right time of the year to be talking about using your air cooler, but before you know it, the weather will be warm again and you will be needing to provide your factory, hen house or industrial business with cooler, fresher air.  If you want to prevent scale buildup that can lead to mechanical failure, then you will need to incorporate Cooler Guard into your maintenance program. Scale free Cooler Guard provides powerful protection against the buildup on your cell deck, which can lead to costly repairs.

Pros Can Attest That PanGuard Drip Pan Treatment Really Works!

PanGuard Products

It is not unusual to be able to find protective solutions for your HVAC drip pan. However, if you have not discovered the first time released condensate solution with a non-dissolving solid polymer core, you will understand very quickly that you have been wasting your money and putting your HVAC drip pan at risks. Pros can attest that PanGuard drip pan treatment really works!

Protect Your HVAC Now With Flex Seal Insulation

Flex Seal HVAC Insulation protection product

Whether it is cold, hot or in between, your HVAC insulation should be providing the kind of protection needed against extreme weather changes. No one wants to wait until after a storm to make sure that they have provided the protection needed to save their investment. Protect your HVAC now with Flex Seal Insulation that will keep your HVAC ductwork from experiencing degradation caused by environmental changes.

Prevent Damage Due To Mold And Mildew With BIOFLEX

BioFlex Product

Mold remediation services can be very costly, as most business owners realize that having to tear down and build new was something that they never considered would happen to them. Mold and mildew growth is preventable, especially in areas where dampness, high humidity and seasonal weather can create high risks conditions.  Now you can prevent damage due to mold and mildew with BIOFLEX fungicidal protection coating.

New V4138 Extends The Life And Use of Your HVAC System

Pancrete V4138 Products

We are constantly looking for products that are improved and/or outlast the products that our customers already enjoy. Now our new Pancrete solution V4138 when used in combination with Pancrete T-84 for vertical surface applications is new and improved! This state-of-the-art coating provides a new and improved performance rate that outlast the previous Pancrete product. That is why we recommend the new V4138 as it extends the life and use of your HVAC system better than ever before!

Instant Powder Kegs Will Change The Way You Work!

instant Powder Kegs Coil Cleaner

Cleaning HVAC coils can take valuable time out of your schedule, especially if you are still hauling water and HVAC coil cleaner to individual sites. That is why we offer the Instant Powder Kegs coil cleaner option to all of our customers. We promise that Instant Powder Kegs will change the way you work!

Guard Your HVAC with Coil Shield Protectant

Coil Shield HVAC Products

Is your HVAC air output emitting a strange or unidentifiable odor? Perhaps your HVAC system is running a bit more sluggish, or the output of your HVAC air is decreased. These are all signs of HVAC coil degradation and they can be easily rectified with Coil Shield. If your energy bills are rising due to corroded HVAC coils, it’s time to guard your HVAC system with Coil Shield protectant!

The Northeast U.S. Needs Flex Seal Protection

Flex Seal HVAC Insulation protection product

It’s been decades since the northeast part of the United States has encountered so many record breaking snowfalls and weather changes in one season. If your HVAC system is lacking sufficient insulation, you most likely have already discovered what the cost of an unprotected HVAC system can be. That is why we say that the northeast U.S. needs Flex Seal protection insulation that provides a year round guard against extreme weather changes that can cause expensive HVAC repair bills and headaches.