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PanGuard Is Your GREEN HVAC Drain Pan Solution


If you know anything about HVAC drain pans, you know that it does not take long for them to accumulate dirt, dust, and other contaminates that can harm your indoor environment. These supposed scientific experiments developing in your HVAC drain pan can be toxic if not taken care of properly and in a timely manner. PanGuard is your GREEN HVAC drain pan solution.

How Fungus and Other Germs Grow in HVAC Drain Pans?

Turn Your HVAC into a Cleaning Machine!

First Strike Micro-Coat

First Strike Micro-Coat

Are you ready for a reality check? No one likes cleaning grimy and crusty HVAC coils. The job is stringent and just plain dirty. For your facility or residence, there is no better way to increase your HVAC sufficiency and operations. Do you know that you can turn your HVAC into a cleaning machine? That’s right! Folks are turning to First Strike Micro-Coat for all their HVAC coil cleaning solutions.

Algae Guard Prevents Slimy Condensate Pans


HVAC systems in Arizona do not stand a chance of having slimy build up due to the K&M Facility Services team, and an exceptional product that prevents sludge from developing. It is time to announce that Algae Guard prevents slimy condensate pans.

PanGuard is Keeping HVAC Systems Clog Free.


Let’s face it….when it comes to cleaning the drain pan on your HVAC system most people just put it off because they either do not understand how vital it is or they are frustrated with clogged drains. PanGuards' time released cleansers work around the clock to ensure free flowing drains in all AC units. The magic ability of PanGuard enables the dirt to be suspended while keeping your drain pan crystal clean. The best result is no clogged drains, ever! PanGuard is keeping HVAC systems clog free.

Flex Seal is the Quick Solution to Arizona’s HVAC Coating Needs

Flex Seal

If you have been putting off coating your HVAC system because the process is time consuming and causes severe odors, the solution has arrived. Flex Seal is the quick solution to Arizona’s HVAC coating needs. Unlike many sealants, Flex Seal needs little drying time and contains minimal odor. If you’re looking for expert assistance, K&M Facility Services of AZ are the pros when it comes to applying the sealant and maintaining your HVAC system.

Beat the Heat with Cooler Guard

Cooler Guard

Have you ever thought of the financial upkeep that it takes to maintain your evaporative cooler parts? These parts get scaled up due to long hours of operation and water flowing over them. Now, beat the heat with Cooler Guard.

Cooler Guard is a high maintenance product that cleans wherever the water reaches. It prevents corrosion and puts an end to scale accumulation on cooler parts. Many need to maintain evaporative coolers, and K&M Facility knows exactly how to maintain evaporative cooler systems.