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Fast Attack HVAC Sanitizer On High Demand This Flu Season

Fast Attack HVAC Sanitizer

The flu season of 2013-2014 has been recorded as the worst flu season ever. Several have died from H1N1, and the surprising factor is that the ones who are dying are usually healthy people. People who usually travel and are able to get out and about. This has officials concerned, as most common areas, travelers and healthy people are at a higher risks this year for catching the flu than ever before. That is why companies are realizing that Fast Attack HVAC Sanitizer is on high demand this flu season, and they want to keep their businesses safe.

Pancrete Stops Drip Pan Corrosion In Its Tracks!

Pancrete Products

By now, in the midst of winter, you may have just realized you have a big issue on your hands. Degradation has caused excessive damage to your HVAC drip pan, and you are thinking of just replacing it, no matter how high the cost. You must not have heard that Pancrete stops drip pan corrosion in its tracks and can also refurbish your HVAC drip pan, making it look brand new!

Hit a Home Run with First Strike Micro Coat Every Time!

First Strike Micro Coat Products

During the mid-winter months, consumers are discovering that their HVAC system is acting sluggish or not working as efficiently as it has in the past. Due to the harsh winter conditions throughout the country, more consumers are struggling to keep their HVAC’s functioning at optimal level so that they can stay warm. Unfortunately, dirty HVAC coils play a big part as to whether your HVAC can meet higher demands during extreme weather changes. That is why consumers have discovered how to hit a home run with First Strike Micro Coat every time!

Guard Your HVAC Drip Pan With PanGuard!

PanGuard Products

Tired of clogged drains in your HVAC drip pan? Now we have a solution that will not only keep your drip pan clean for months, but it will also guard it against degradation and other problems that often cause breakdown. Guard your HVAC drip pan with PanGuard!

No More Mold With BioFlex!

BioFlex Product

Fighting mold growth and paying for mold remediation surfaces can cost a fortune, so why not use BioFlex fungicidal protection to protect your investment? More moisture and variable temperatures can cause mold and other fungi to get out of control. Dampness often incurs during seasonal rains and snow, contributing to the factor, and leaving business owners vulnerable. Now you can control the problem and make sure that you experience no more mold with BioFlex!

Pancrete T84 Provides a “Like New” Surface for HVAC Drip Pans

Pancrete T84

If you have taken a deeper look at your HVAC drip pan and realized that it is showing some signs of breakdown or corrosion, you need to keep reading this. Most owners just replace their HVAC drip pan at an expensive cost, without ever knowing that they can renew their HVAC drip pan and hold on to their profits. That is why we love recommending products and features that save our customers money and time. Pancrete T-84 provides a “like new” surface for HVAC drip pans, so don’t toss it, renew it!

Protect Travelers From H1N1 with Fast Attack HVAC Sanitizer

Fast Attack HVAC Sanitizer

Authorities say that this year’s flu season is a repeat of 2008-09 as the H1N1 is the virus that is affecting the most susceptible. Up to forty-four people have already contracted it, and one person has died this year. Those numbers may sound low, but we are in full-swing of the flu season and officials say those number will most likely increase. According to Fox News, The World Health Organization estimates more than 280,000 people were killed by the virus in 2009. That is why we recommend that you protect travelers from H1N1 with Fast Attack HVAC Sanitizer.

Extreme Climate Changes Leave Opportune Job For Flex Seal

Flex Seal HVAC Insulation protection

The U.S. is already experiencing extreme weather changes such as snow, rain and floods that have been rather unpredictable. One thing for sure, if your HVAC system is lacking proper insulation, you might find yourself in a heap of trouble. It’s a good thing that extreme climate changes leave an opportune job for Flex Seal, because Flex Seal has been counted as the leading HVAC insulation product.

Prevent Rust and Costly Repairs with Coil Shield

Coil Shield HVAC Products

It’s the time of the year, when extreme weather hits, and your HVAC is working overtime, when consumers initially notice that they are at risks. Something smells strange in the air output or their system appears to be running sluggish as energy bills begin to soar. What most likely is happening is that your HVAC coils are becoming affected by salty air, mildew, rain, cold weather and other weather extremes that often tend to cause an issue to develop. Now you can prevent rust and costly repairs with Coil Shield!

Ductile HVAC Coating Resists Mold and Mildew

Ductile HVAC Coating

We are getting into the time of the year when the humidity factors usually rise, and if your HVAC system or ductwork is susceptible, it will soon find itself under attack from microbes that can cause corrosion quickly. That is why many of customers now recommend to their friends and customers Ductile HVAC Coating that resists mold and mildew on the spot.