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HVAC Coil Cleaning Made Easy With Instant Powder Kegs Coil Cleaner!

Instant Powder Kegs Coil Cleaner

Well, another season is nearly behind us and that means that routine HVAC coil cleaning is needed to ensure that your HVAC is running optimally, especially when the outside heat refuses to let up. If you are tired of hauling gallons of coil cleaner around onsite, we have a solution! Now HVAC coil cleaning has been made easy with Instant Powder Kegs Coil Cleaner!

Time For The Big COOL OFF with COOL-SPACE!

Portable Evaporative Cooler

It is not summer yet, but the heat is on! Unfortuantly, much of the country is experiencing excessive heat and drought, but that does not mean that businesses need to suffer from the outdoor temps. Business owners have discovered the secret in keeping their warehouses, animal barns, restaurants and other facilities cooler, regardless of how hot it gets outside. It’s time for the big cool off with COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative cooling systems.

There is No Cooler Place than When You Use COOL-SPACE!

Portable Evaporative Coolers

The weather has everyone wondering what they are going to do this year to stay cool and comfortable while working or trying to enjoy an outdoor event like a patio gathering or other function. It’s already reached three digits in many parts of the southwest, and it won’t be long before the entire country is literally baking. That is why consumers agree that there is no cooler place than when you use COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative cooling systems.

Experience the COOL-SPACE Difference!

Portable Evaporative Coolers

There has been a lot of news about how very hot it is going to get again this year with no relief in sight. As a business owner, undoubtedly you have been trying to figure out a way to avoid the heat of summer that has already stricken much of the country during the springtime. Whether you are involved in agricultural, poultry or equine farms, or own a manufacturing facility, most likely you need to accommodate your employees and livestock with fresh, cool air while protecting your investment.

No Installation COOL-SPACE Offers Ways To Cool Off Fast!

Cool SPACE Portable evaporative cooler

Have you been seeking a better way to provide cooling for your employees or farm animals without remodeling or installing a new air system? We have the solution with our no installation COOL-SPACE™ that offers ways to cool off fast! Our affordable and portable COOL-SPACE™ systems have assisted business owners like yourself by providing clean, cool air in hard to reach places for a fraction of the cost when it comes to installation expenses.

COOL-SPACE Provides A Cool Place To Get Out Of The Heat

Cool SPACE Portable evaporative cooler

At HVAC Maintenance Products, we are providing a full range of portable evaporative coolers for companies that need help in providing fresh, cool air in hard or difficult areas. COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative cooling is easy to use and saves our customers from high energy bills that can skyrocket during the summer months. If your business is sweltering, COOL-SPACE™ provides a cool place to get out of the heat.

Get Your ‘Cool On’ With COOL-SPACE!

Cool SPACE Portable evaporative cooler

Though spring has arrived, it is starting to feel like summer in many areas of the country, and with that comes a lot of heat. Your manufacturing business, animal or poultry quarters are going to need some fresh cool air to survive the high temperatures, and we have the solution that fits any of your cooling needs. It’s time to get your ‘cool on’ with COOL-SPACE portable, evaporative cooling systems!

2,500 sq ft of Cool, Fresh Air with COOL-SPACE CS5-36-3B-60Hz

Portable Evaporative Cooler

Have you heard of the innovative portable evaporative cooler that allows you to set cool, fresh air wherever you need it, without running additional utilities or re-constructing your commercial building? Well, the new COOL-SPACE™ poratable evaporative cooler can do that and more! Now you can provide up to 2,500 ft² of cool, fresh air with the COOL-SPACE™ CS5-36-3B-60Hz portable evaporative cooler.

Cost Effective Cooling for Any Sized Space with COOL-SPACE

Portable Evaporative Cooler

Why are more business owners choosing COOL-SPACE™ to cool off their businesses that are dependent upon evaporative cooling to ward off heat? Mainly because they can offer cost effective cooling for any sized space with COOL-SPACE™. This new portable evaporative cooling system can be placed in difficult to reach places when cool, fresh air is needed and depended upon.

Cool Up To 2,500 SQ FT With COOL-SPACE Model CS5-36-1D-60Hz!

Portable Evaporative Cooler CS5 36 1D

At HVAC Maintenance Products, we believe in offering the top of line products to our customers in knowing that they can depend on the quality and reputation of a good brand when needed. That is why we are now offering COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative coolers just in time before the real heat begins. This week we are sharing with our customers how to cool up to 2500 square feet with COOL-SPACE™ Model CS5-36-1D-60Hz!!