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Touchstone84 (T-84) Coating Stops Corrosion in its Tracks!

Touchstone 84 Pancrete

We are not surprised that HVAC professionals recommend T-84 to customers all over the states. Touchstone84 is one of Pancrete brands most popular surface applications that has recently been redeveloped to improve performance and protection. If you need a product that is reliable when it comes to protecting your investment, Touchstone84 (T-84) coating stops corrosion in its tracks!

Keep Your Air Cooler Scale Free With Cooler Guard!

Cooler Guard

Have you been experienced scaled up cooler parts and having to replace them incessantly? Now there is a better solution that will save you cash and stop your cooler from becoming a money pit. It’s time to keep your air cooler scale free with Cooler Guard!

The Coolest Place to be is Where COOL-SPACE is At Work!

Portable Evaporative Coolers

Are you a business owner who is trying to find a solution to portable cooling without busting the bank? Now we have a solution that is affordable, portable and can be hooked up anywhere in just minutes. COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative cooling systems can easily be setup in hard to cool off areas with just a simple water supply hose and an electrical outlet for power hookup! America is especially discovering that the coolest place to be is where COOL-SPACE™ is at work!

Flex Seal Offers an Odorless Protective Coating that Prevents Microbial Attacks

Flex Seal

Have you heard about Flex Seal Insulation? Chances are you have seen the other ‘Flex Seal’ advertisement on television that comes in a spray can and claims to stop leaks effectively. This is not the same product developed in the 1990’s called Flex Seal Insulation that is designed to coat walls, wood, porous materials, as well as, HVAC’s. Flex seal CRT was initially designed to encapsulate fiberglass and similar material that contained carcinogens. After experts had begun using it, they realized how useful Flex Seal Insulation was for other job tasks like HVAC’s and more.

No More Messy HVAC Drip Pans with PanGuard

PanGuard HVAC Drip Pan Protection

Believe it or not, people are still cleaning out clogged, slimy drip pans month after month. Really? Maybe they have not heard of PanGuard, the leading drip pan protection that not only prevents rust and corrosion, but keeps HVAC drip pan water fresh and clean. The special cleaning agents within PanGuard ensure users of one thing; there will be no more messy HVAC drip pans with PanGuard.

Clean Bond Allows For Applications to Adhere Without Worry

Clean Bond 1 Gallon

Are you currently working on a project that will soon need paint or some other application? Summertime seems to be filled with these kinds of tasks. To ensure that everything goes right, especially if the surface is metal, a good cleaning agent that removes undetectable surface dirt and grime is necessary. That is why we recommend Clean Bond because it allows for applications to adhere without worry, ensuring that your painting project will last for years to come.

Remember to Use Coil Shield, the Best Armor for Your HVAC!

HVAC Coil Shield Protectant

Tired of dealing with corroded HVAC coils every time you turn around? Maybe you have not heard of Coil Shield Protectant. You see, Coil Shield protects against salt and high humidity changes that affect your HVAC coils and can cause degradation of your investment quickly. There have been an excessive amount of storm fronts this year, and many HVAC owners are concerned that their investment is suffering the consequences. Coil Shield works like a piece of armor that protects rust and corrosion from destroying your investment.

Instant Powder Kegs Takes the Sweat out of Cleaning Dirty HVAC Coils!

Instant Powder Kegs HVAC Coil Cleaner

Are you still carrying water from the site to site just to clean dirty HVAC coils? If so, you must not have heard about Instant Powder Kegs. Want to reduce your time in HVAC maintenance and stop carrying around gallons of water? Try the simpler solution. Instant Powder Kegs takes the sweat out of cleaning dirty HVAC coils!

Don’t Get Caught Without V570 HVAC Surface Protector

V570 HVAC Surface Protectant

Now that you have purchased a HVAC system for your business, it is time to protect your investment. Many dealers will never tell you the secrets that HVAC maintenance staff know and use to ensure that you keep money in your pocket. That is why we suggest that you don’t get caught without V570 HVAC surface protector!

Have You Prepared For The Heat With COOL-SPACE?

Potable AC Cooler

Summer has not quite arrived but unfortunately, the heat has in many parts of the states. As a business owner, maybe you have not discovered the essential and easy solution for cool, fresh air that is portable and affordable? If so, have you prepared for the heat with COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative cooling systems?