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Clogged Coolers Can Be Avoided With Cooler Guard

Cooler Guard protection

Scaled up coolers can not only make work harder but eventually they can malfunction or cause internal damage to other parts of your HVAC, costing you a bundle! No one likes clogged pads in their cooler because they immediately cause water droplets to be forced through the air and into your facility or indoor environment. Water droplets also cause eventual corrosion problems, affecting other parts of your cooler. Want to remedy the issue by preventing clogging or scaling from forming in the first place?

There is No Better Surface Prep than Clean Bond

Clean Bond protection

Many metal projects that are being painted or coated need a surface preparation that will allow the top coating to adhere successfully and last a long while. Without first cleaning the surface, the paint may leave behind blotches or come off more in a matter of weeks. It just makes sense not to get the cart before the horse, especially when it comes to painting or coating a metal surface. That is why we know that there is no better surface prep than Clean Bond.

Use Coil Shield and Stop Worrying About Corroded HVAC Coils!

Coil Shield HVAC protection

Most people discover Coil Shield after they have found that their HVAC coils have encountered damage due to corrosion. Damaged HVAC coils are costly to replace? Wouldn’t it be great to not have to be concerned about HVAC coil degradation? Now it is possible. Just use Coil Shield and stop worrying about corroded HVAC coils!

Stay Ahead of the School Germs This Year with Fast Attack

Fast Attack HVAC Coil Cleaner

The school year has already begun for many districts throughout the states. As teachers and administrators have all prepared for the upcoming school season, many have forgotten to provide protection in other ways from germs that often spread quickly through the learning centers. One of the best ways to prevent colds and flu from spreading is to be proactive. The HVAC air supply can be detrimental in spreading germs when it comes to airborne viruses. That is why we recommend you stay ahead of the school germs this year with Fast Attack HVAC Sanitizer.

Get out of the Heat with Portable COOL-SPACE

Portable AC

Now that we are in the dead heat of summer, you cannot afford to take risks with your employees, customers or livestock. When outdoor activities beckon such as patio parties and gatherings, COOL-SPACE™ portable evaporative cooling can save the day. That is why others are catching on fast to the fact that it times to get out of the heat with portable COOL-SPACE™!

Stop Algae Growth inside Your HVAC Drip Pans with Algae Guard

Algae Guard drip pan protection

How is your HVAC drip pan looking these days? With the increase of moisture in many states and the high heat index, the pristine environment could be developing inside your HVAC without you knowing it. Slimy algae pooling up inside your HVAC drip pan is not only difficult to clean, but it also causes HVAC degradation. It’s time to discover a remedy. Now you can stop algae growth inside your HVAC drip pans with Algae Guard.

Lighten Your Load with Instant Powder Kegs Coil Cleaning Solution!

Instant Powder Kegs HVAC Coil Cleaner

Is it safe to say that you are still carrying loads of coil cleaner from site to site just to clean dirty HVAC coils? Provided that this is true, you should discover the ease of using Instant Powder Kegs. Would you like to lessen your time in HVAC maintenance and quit hauling gallons of water? It’s time to lighten the load with Instant Powder Kegs Coil Cleaning Solution!

BIOFLEX Protects Your Investment from Mold and Mildew Damages


Mainly due to the augmentation of moisture seen this year, we have experienced an increased amount of calls from customers seeking help for mold and mildew protection. BIOFLEX offers a successful defense against mold, mildew, and organisms that can cause environmental changes and cost millions in repairs. Before you discover yourself needing to call an expert to uproot mold, we have a solution! Like no other product on the market, BIOFLEX protects your investment from mold and mildew damages.

Put Protective Measures in Place with Ductile HVAC Coating Solution

Ductile HVAC Coating Solution

No one needs to find that the cash they have spent on their HVAC system is going down the tubes because of the absence of defensive measures. That is the reason astute entrepreneurs realize that the time to follow up on a potential threats are before they happen, not afterward.  In the event that your HVAC is encountering indications of corrosion because of natural changes, odds are you have not acted rapidly enough. Right now is an ideal opportunity to put protective measures in place with Ductile HVAC coating solution.

Win The Race Against HVAC Coil Buildup with First Strike Protection!

First Strike Micro Coat

Amid the summer months, customers are finding that their HVAC system is acting lazy or not functioning as productively as it has previously. Because of the brutal summer conditions all through the nation, more customers are attempting to keep their HVAC's working at ideal levels with the goal of offering cool, fresh indoor air quality. Tragically, grimy HVAC coils have an enormous impact on the issues as to whether your HVAC can meet higher requests amid fluctuating climate changes.