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Fungicidal Protective Coating

Stops Mold Cold! BioFlex is a Federally EPA-Registered Fungicidal Protective Coating for interior walls, insulation, wood and concrete-masonry surfaces, and metals.

The entire BioFlex product has been tested, and evaluated by the EPA. EPA Registration No. 59682-4


BioFlex is packed with ingredients. You save money by eliminating the need to recoat. You save money by not spending time going back over areas you already coated.

BioFlex requires no special storage or handling – it is fully freezable with no adverse affects on performance. That means no additional expenditures for environmentally controlled storage or shipping. No matter what the weather, you know BioFlex will be usable when it gets to the jobsite.

Advanced Engineering

BioFlex’s practically odorless formulation (a low VOC value of 26.8 g/l per ASTM D-3960) insures care-free application. BioFlex is Fire Code Regulation friendly, and exceeds all Fire Code regulations. BioFlex is ASTM certified at Flame Spread Zero (0) and Smoke Spread 5 per E-84 tests.

BioFlex is breathable, and allows vapor to pass through the coating, while at the same time repelling water droplets. This feature allows the coating to be washed, and allows water vapor to come to equilibrium from behind the coating to its exterior. Another sound engineering innovation from Controlled Release Technologies.

EPA Certified Toxicological

Part of the EPA's registration program requires Toxicological Data to be provided on the product being registered. Many tests are demanded, such as dermal irritation, ocular irritation, ingestion, and others. Certified EPA ratings range from a Category I (worst) through a Category IV (best).

The EPA has assigned BioFlex a Class IV toxicity rating, the best in the industry.

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